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I think Dr. Pellegrino is the best physician in the world. The IV therapy and injections have controlled my pain enough to give me a good 4 hours a day to be up. Thank you. You are all a blessing and have changed my life.

DD, Uniontown, OH

Dr. Ahmad took a lot of time with my mother, and took an extensive history. He is a very sincere man! Thank you!

SH, Akron, OH

The prolotherapy is really working. I can sit, move, work, etc. in postures I haven't managed in years. I marvel at the freedom I have been given. I believe it was at my second visit that I told you I feel lucky in finding you. I still believe that, only more so. I am also fortunate to be coming to a medical practice in which the staff is efficient and friendly. Judy is a great nurse. I just feel I am in good hands at Ohio Rehab. Believe me, I have been to many doctors and medical facilities and Ohio Rehab beats them all!

KC, Poland, OH

Since I have been a patient at Ohio Rehab, the quality of my life has been better than ever, since my auto accident occurred in 1976. I was able to work full-time and complete a six-year degree at Kent State. I have been teaching full-time and completing course work toward my Master degree. In short, I am living a full productive life with the combination of a positive attitude and sincere, competent care from doctors whom genuinely understand my condition.

JN, Canton, OH

Everyone has been so caring, pleasant and kind in their efforts to treat the discomfort of my apparent fibromyalgia. Thanks to each of you.

MS, Canton, OH

When you walk through the doors of Ohio Rehab you enter a "high energy zone". It is contagious! A person does not pick up a sense of sickness and disease but a sense of wellness. My sincerest thanks for all you do for people like me and my continued prayers for your good health and future efforts.

LJL, Munroe, OH

Dr. Pellegrino is THE BEST! He has been treating me for fibromyalgia for a few years now and I wouldn't choose anyone else for my care. His staff is always courteous and pleasant. Of course, who wouldn't be working for a great doctor like that.

pn, hartville, OH

I just wanted to say that because of Dr. Gade-Pulido going the extra mile with me and being such a caring as well as knowledgable physician, I have been able to live at an optimal level, regardless of of where my Fibromyalgia has taken me. She always gives me all the time and attention I need. She also gave me the tools I needed and the incentive to direct my own care. That doesn't happen that many places in health care these days. Thanks to Dr. Pellegrino, also for his contributions. I was priviledged to work with each of them as a nurse and I REALLY miss that! Your still the best. KD

KD, west Palm Beach, FL

I am so happy I found Dr. Pellegrino on line. I was told there was a Dr. in Ohio that really helped with fibromyalgia. It took a little while to get me adjusted to something that would help me; I had such dark days (days I could not function) and now my days are few and much farther between than they were. Dr. P is awesome, and knowing that he himself suffers from this very condition, he understands much better than most. I have a lot of people that do not believe Fibro is a condition, but it is. Dr. P is the only Dr. I know, or have been to, that has helped. I had this about a year before I found Dr. P and what a terrible year. Now I want to make sure everyone out there knows that even though there is no cure, Dr. P helps to deal with it and makes the pain diminish to an extent and lets you look forward to life again. Thank you Dr. P

slc, Ravenna, OH

Dr Ahmad and his nurse Jen are wonderful! They take so much time to listen to you and show that they really care. Thank you!

CB, new phila, OH

Dr. P diagnosed my fibro. I have had problems for years. I have to say I was a non believer, as many are, but he helped so much with my pain. He is so sincere and willing to listen. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found him. :)

jr, dennison, OH

I see Dr. Pellegrino for fibromyalgia. He IS the best!-- Compassionate, humorous, knowledgeable,eager to try anything to help,unhurried, great listener,asks pertinent questions, allows me time to ask my questions, allows me to participate in my therapy. I feel blessed to have him treat me.Plus he has written several books, including two on fibromyalgia, one to explain fibromyalgia to children, and they offer hope and encouragment for everyone with fibromyalgia. He also is an expert advisor on WebMd in fibromyalgia discussions, not for pay, but from his heart. He cares.

mt, canton, OH

I have been seeing Dr. Ahmad for about 3 years now,without him I would not be able to do my job,he has provided me relief from the chronic pain that is trying to destroy my body.thank you so much!

FD, uniontown, OH

Today I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Pelligrino, the best doctor I have ever met! This was my initial visit and not only was he thorough but he took his time to explain my condition, offered many possible treatments and did an extensive physical check. This level of CARE and intense professionalism is encouraging and I have NEVER met a better doctor even though this was my first experience with him! He gave me hope in being successful in my treatment which I thought was hopeless. I look forward to being treated by Dr. Pelligrino and Ohio Pain and Rehab Specialists! Thank you for the amazing and genuine concern for me ad my family members who feel the same way I do!

PSL, Canton, OH

Love love love Ohio Pain and Rehab! My husband goes there for his back problems and everyone there is super nice and helpful. They don't just try to shove pain meds down my husband's throat...they actually try to figure out what is causing all his pain and are trying to fix it. Dr. Ahmed and Carrie have been wonderful and the office staff is fantastic. I would recommend Ohio Pain and Rehab to anyone who is having chronic pain problems. They are the only doctor's office we've been to who actually care. Thank you.

TM, Akron, OH

This was the nicest dr I have ever had and I have really gone to everyone he straight up said my condition wont go away but he will help manage it to be able to live comfortable. Thank you for the Hope you have given me and my children.

Michelle Creger

MC, Canton, OH

I had my 2nd visit today with Dr Ahmad. The Dr. is not a pushover. And I am here to tell you that he can tell the difference between a "drug seeker" and someone who is in real need of help. He treated me like a man & I walked out of that office feeling like one. He's giving me the help I need & I will not betray the trust. He has a plan in motion to treat my pain as I go through therapy, & help me get back to work. He is very professional & respectful. And it's easy to see that the staff as a whole, works in harmony. Everyone knows their job. Thank you!

RSB, Canton, OH

I have been a patient of Dr. Shakir's for 10 years. He is a very compassionate man and always takes his time to do things right...

EWM, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

The best decision I ever made was coming here. It has literally saved my life. I have learned to live with my fibromyalgia instated of it defining my life. The staff is understanding and compassionate which makes the world of difference when you are in crisis and pain.

SMO, Alliance , OH

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by Dr. Pellegrino after many years of missed diagnoses by various other doctors. I was finally able to be successfully treated and to decrease my pain. Thank you Dr. Pellegrino for your expertise and compassion for your patients!

RLG, Canton, OH

I can't say enough good things about this office! The staff is just wonderful, every single one of them, from the physicians to the mid-level practioners and nurses to the reception staff and billing office. They sincerely care and take what you have to say seriously (unlike so many other places!). I have recommended Ohio Pain and Rehab to several people, and everyone I know who is also a patient there talks about how satisfied they are with their care.

bsa, Cambridge, OH

I have been in pain for 2 years. I was also diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer 2 years ago. The cancer returned to my pelvis. But that's not where the pain was coming from. My Cancer Docter said it wasn't cancer related so they suggested I see Docter Pellegrino. He examined me one time found the problem right away. I had my first injection and feel amazing. The docter's here are great. The staff and nurses are amazing Thanks so much for taking away my pain

G.B., Alliancd, OH



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